🌊 Fast and friendly fluid dynamics on CPUs and GPUs.

Oceananigans.jl is a fast and friendly fluid flow solver written in Julia that can be run in 1-3 dimensions on CPUs and GPUs. It can simulate the incompressible Boussinesq equations, the shallow water equations, or the hydrostatic Boussinesq equations with a free surface. Oceananigans.jl comes with user-friendly features for simulating rotating stratified fluids including user-defined boundary conditions and forcing functions, arbitrary tracers, large eddy simulation turbulence closures, high-order advection schemes, immersed boundaries, Lagrangian particle tracking, and more!

We strive for a user interface that makes Oceananigans.jl as friendly and intuitive to use as possible, allowing users to focus on the science. Internally, we have attempted to write the underlying algorithm so that the code runs as fast as possible for the configuration chosen by the user –- from simple two-dimensional setups to complex three-dimensional simulations –- and so that as much code as possible is shared between the different architectures, models, and grids.

Getting help

If you are interested in using Oceananigans.jl or are trying to figure out how to use it, please feel free to ask us questions and get in touch! If you're trying to set up a model then check out the examples and model setup documentation. Please feel free to start a discussion if you have any questions, comments, suggestions, etc! There is also an #oceananigans channel on the Julia Slack.


If you use Oceananigans.jl as part of your research, teaching, or other activities, we would be grateful if you could cite our work and mention Oceananigans.jl by name.

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Papers and preprints using Oceananigans.jl

If you have work using Oceananigans.jl that you would like to have listed here, please open a pull request to add it or let us know!

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