System Image

To speed up the start time of ClimateMachine a custom system image can be built with the PackageCompiler.

A helper script for doing this is provided at .dev/systemimage/climate_machine_image.jl

If called with

  • no arguments: will create the system image in the @__DIR__ directory (i.e., the directory in which the script is located).

  • a single argument: the system image will be placed in the path specified by the argument (relative to the callers path). For example:

    .dev/systemimage/climate_machine_image.jl .git/
  • a specified systemimg path and true: the system image will compile the climate machine package module (useful for CI). This option should not be used when actually developing the climate machine package; see the drawback from the PackageCompiler repository. For example:

    .dev/systemimage/climate_machine_image.jl true

To run julia using the newly created system image use:

julia -J/PATH/TO/SYSTEM/IMAGE/ --project

If you put the system image in your .git directory, your system image will not be remove by calls to git clean.


If the climate machine Manifest.toml is updated you must build a new system image for these changes to be seen.