Atmospheric EDMF parameterization profiles

Several EDMF related profiles are to be plotted here


Using a profile involves passing two arguments:

  • param_set a parameter set, from CLIMAParameters.jl
  • max_Grad_Ri maximum gradient Richarson Number (indepndent, non-dimensional variable for the turbulent Prantl number)

to one of the EDMF profile constructors.


using UnPack
using ClimateMachine
const clima_dir = dirname(dirname(pathof(ClimateMachine)));
using ClimateMachine.Atmos: AtmosModel
using ClimateMachine.VariableTemplates
using Thermodynamics
using ClimateMachine.BalanceLaws
using ClimateMachine.TurbulenceConvection
using CLIMAParameters: AbstractEarthParameterSet
struct EarthParameterSet <: AbstractEarthParameterSet end
const param_set = EarthParameterSet()
include(joinpath(clima_dir, "test", "Atmos", "EDMF", "closures", "turbulence_functions.jl"))
include(joinpath(clima_dir, "test", "Atmos", "EDMF", "edmf_model.jl"))
using Plots
FT = Float64;
Grad_Ri = range(FT(-1), stop = 10 , length = 100);
ml = MixingLengthModel{FT}(param_set);
Pr_t = turbulent_Prandtl_number.(Ref(ml.Pr_n), Grad_Ri, Ref(ml.ω_pr))
p1 = plot(Grad_Ri, Pr_t, xlabel=" gradient Richardson number");
plot(p1, title="turbulent Prantl number")