A suite of concrete examples are provided here as a guidance for constructing experiments.

Balance Law

An introduction on components within a balance law is provided.


Showcase drivers for atmospheric modelling in GCM, single stack, and LES simulations are provided.

  • Dry Idealzed GCM: The Held-Suarez configuration is used as a guidance to create a driver that runs a simple GCM simulation.
  • Single Element Stack: The Burgers Equations with a passive tracer is used as a guidance to run the simulation on a single element stack.
  • LES Experiment: The dry rising bubble case is used as a quigance in creating an LES driver.
  • Topography: Experiments of dry flow over prescirbe topography (Agnesi mountain) are provided for:
    • Linear Hydrostatic Mountain
    • Linear Non-Hydrostatic Mountain


A showcase for Ocean model is still under construction.


Examples are provided in constructing balance law and solving for fundemental equations in land modelling.

  • Heat: A tutorial shows how to create a HeatModel to solve the heat equation and visualize the outputs.
  • Soil: Examples of solving fundemental equations in the soil model are provided.
    • Hydraulic Functions: a tutorial to specify the hydraulic function in the Richard's equation.
    • Soil Heat Equations: a tutorial for solving the heat equation in the soil.
    • Coupled Water and Heat: a tutorial for solving interactive heat and wateri in the soil model.

Numerics (need to be moved to How-to-Guide)

  • System Solvers: Two numerical methods to solve the linear system Ax=b are provided.
    • Conjugate Gradient
    • Batched Generalized Minimal Residual
  • DG Methods
    • Filters


A diagnostic tool that can

  • generate statistics for MPIStateArrays
  • validate with reference values

for debugging purposes.

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